Individual Therapy

Isolation exists only in isolation. Once shared, it evaporates.” – Irvin Yalom             

Life’s challenges can appear overwhelming at times. As a caring, nurturing and non-judgmental advocate I can help you face these challenges with integrity, dignity and courage. 

People seek therapy for various reasons. Some struggle with crippling anxiety and depression. Others are on a journey of personal self-exploration, seeking a deeper experience of what it means to be alive. Providing a safe space to explore and develop new insights and understanding, I will be a supportive advocate for you on the journey. This process can assist you in discovering new solutions, new insights and a greater sense of well-being.

Through a creative, interdynamic process, old patterns are identified, explored, and modified; providing new opportunities for healing and growth.

Incorporating a variety of therapeutic modalities, we will work in the way that can best serve your particular situation since each person has a unique story, requiring an approach that best suits their needs.

** Note: Low/No fee counseling  may be available to those with economic necessity **

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