About Scott

Therapy respects and nurtures the power of the human spirit and its vast capacity for development and transformation.  

A New York State Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, with a Masters in Counseling Psychology from  Pacifica Graduate Institute.  Am an AEDP level 2 and a
Jungian Analyst-in-Training.

My approach emphasizes compassion and communication as key components in building, healing, and maintaining healthy relationships. I believe that encouragement, understanding, knowledge and action promote growth in the family system and in each individual family member. Having practiced meditation for the past 25 years, I integrate mindfulness techniques to lower stress and increase mental clarity.

While working extensively with those struggling with addiction and substance abuse, couples and families are my area of clinical focus and expertise. Additionally, I have significant professional experience in working with adolescents and children.  Recently I have completed a 2 year residency training at the Family Institute of Westchester.  Additionally, I am a clinical member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy. (aamft.org) and also the Hudson Valley Guild of Mental Health Professionals http://hudsonvalleyguild.com

Working an actor/director and coach for over thirty years I have appeared in over 60 professional film, TV, and theatrical productions. These creative processes enable me to help clients gain greater access to their emotions and imagination in order to maximize their unique human potential. 


Call for a free phone consult to explore how I may be a bridge to an improved sense of well-being.  


NY Lic #001011